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‘I would not be a teacher now if this program didn’t exist’

Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

As a new mother, Anna Hildebrandt was attracted to Teach For Australia’s Leadership Development Program because it offered her a paid, on-the-job pathway into teaching.

On parental leave from her job as an Incursion Dance Teacher, Anna decided to join our 2022 Cohort. She taught at Whyalla Secondary College during the two-year program, where she continues to teach drama and dance.

“I would not be a teacher now if this program didn’t exist. It just would not have happened,” Anna said.

“I couldn’t have taken the time off to do the study that I needed to become a teacher, also learning on the job was great!”

Milestone moment

As far as she is aware, Anna was the first in-school dance teacher in the area, marking a significant milestone for arts education in Whyalla.

“There wasn’t a dance teacher at any of the schools in Whyalla before I arrived in 2022. So, when I arrived, I was the only dance/drama teacher there,” she said.

Helping students flourish

When asked about her most rewarding teaching moments, she exudes enthusiasm for igniting her students’ passion for the arts.

“It has been really exciting to see students doing dance outside of school and now they have the opportunity to do that in-school, which is great for families who might not be able to afford for them to go to extra dance classes.

“I have a student who discovered his passion for the arts last year when he tried music and joined an extracurricular dance activity I was running. Now, he’s flourishing in music, dance and drama, because he’s had the chance to connect with the arts. It’s exciting to see a male student thriving in the dance community!”

About our program

Passionate career changers – like Anna – bring valuable experience, specialist knowledge and unique perspectives to classrooms in disadvantaged communities across Australia through our Leadership Development Program.

Our Associates work in schools teaching subjects directly related to their previous studies while they undertake a Master of Teaching (Secondary) (Leading Learning) with our academic partner Australian Catholic University (ACU).

During the two-year program, Associates receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring and earn a full salary – approximately $62,000-$65,000 base salary, depending on the placement location.

  • Professionals – change careers without giving up your income by joining our Leadership Development Program.
  • The employment-based pathway means you’ll earn a full salary while undertaking your Master of Teaching over the two years.
  • Make a difference for students in the classroom while kickstarting a meaningful new career.
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