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Teach For Australia Friday, April 16th, 2021

Over two years, as an Associate in our award-winning Leadership Development Program, you’ll teach subject areas directly related to your previous studies. You’ll also become part of a dedicated community committed to tackling educational inequity.

Are you thinking of applying for Cohort 2022 of Teach For Australia’s Leadership Development Program?

Here are some important questions that applicants have been asking about the program experience.

They’re answered by Nick, our Recruitment Team Manager and Taylor Clark, Recruitment & Advocacy Manager, NSW & SA.

This program is described as being challenging: you need to be resilient. Can you share the main challenges that people come up against, besides the possibility of relocating to teach? 

Nick: Managing work and study can be challenging from a time management perspective. Although you have the equivalent of one day off teaching a week to study, there is a steep learning curve for learning how to lesson plan.

During the first semester, I was working or studying late at night and over the weekends. Associates who have excellent time management can handle this period more easily.

Then there are also the challenges you face in the classroom, teaching your first class and potentially dealing with behavioural challenges and learning how to best support your students. 

Then, of course, you mentioned relocation. Emily and I both relocated from Brisbane to regional Victoria, and it is quite tough initially being away from your support networks.

So, there are a range of challenges that we don’t shy away from.

However, if you’re vision-aligned, I found that the job’s affirming nature made all the challenges worth it. 

Can you speak for the experiences of LGBTQI Associates relocating to regional or remote areas? 

Taylor: Placement is a true collaboration between yourself and your relationship manager.

We are aware that you need to be able to have access to a support network for you to be successful in the program.

We don’t place associates in communities where we feel they wouldn’t have access to that support.

Please share your needs with us so that we can make informed suggestions around placement. 

Nick: Many of our LGBTQI Associates have thrived in regional and remote communities.

To Taylor’s point, we’ve been doing this for ten years now, and we know the communities we place in well.

We will always work to place you somewhere you will be supported and have a great experience. 

How is the Masters of Teaching through TFA different from other Teaching Masters?

Taylor: Firstly, there is an embedded commitment to reconciliation and a commitment to communities from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

Secondly, it’s tailored for the Leadership Development Program. So, it’s not a Masters program that anyone else can access except for TFA Associates.

Therefore, while you still finish with a traditional qualification, the coursework is tailored to those already in the classroom and focused on the specific communities that Associates serve. 

Teach For Australia Admissions work on a rolling basis, and we have clear application deadlines.

The application saves your progress automatically to work on it over time, but please note that some subject areas close early.

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If you’re yet to chat to a member of our recruitment team about applying for the program, express your interest here or reach out to apply@teachforaustralia.org.


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