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Future Leaders Program

Are you a rural, regional or remote school leader looking to build the leadership capacity of your staff?

Teach for Australia’s Future Leaders Program is a one-year professional learning opportunity that develops the next generation of regional and remote school leaders to drive toward educational equity.

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Our Program

We envision an Australia where education gives every child greater choice for their future.

The Future Leaders Program is designed to address the unique needs of aspirant leaders working in remote, regional, and rural settings across Australia. The program builds participants’ leadership capacity by cultivating evidence-based mindsets, skills, and behaviours that equip leaders to increase opportunity and access for all students. Our program is founded on several fundamental design principles that drive this work.
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Two Worlds Teaching and Learning

First Nations’ knowledge, principles, perspectives and ways of being are balanced with Western ways. Both ways sit alongside each other in reciprocity and are of equal weight to learners.
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Best Practice, Evidence-Based Learning

All program design, content and delivery are backed by best practice evidence of what works in education and what has seen the most significant impact.
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Aligned with School Priorities

Participants anchor their learning in line with their school’s priorities and goals. This allows participants to apply their learning to their practice meaningfully and in the context of their school community.

Hear from our Alum

About the Program

1:1 Coaching

Participants receive ongoing one on one coaching support from an educational leadership expert. Participants meet with their coach monthly to support their learning and development aligned to developmental goals grounded in data.

Workshop Intensives

Participants participate in three three-day workshops delivered across the year during term holidays. Workshops are a mix of in-person and online delivery. Participants engage in collaborative learning, practice, and application connected to their contexts.

Peer Learning

Participants regularly meet with and learn alongside other aspirant leaders in remote, rural, and regional contexts across Australia. Throughout the program, participants are encouraged to build their network and create connections for future partnerships.

Program Partners – FAQ

Who is eligible?

K-12 educators who:

  • Have at least two years of teaching experience.
  • Work in a rural, regional or remote school in one of our partner jurisdictions (see table below) with an ICSEA* below 1000.
  • Aspire towards school leadership or are in a leadership position seeking to grow their skills.

Alums of the Teach For Australia Leadership Development Program are also eligible. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators are strongly encouraged to apply.

Current FLP Partner Jurisdictions

The program is open to educators in outer regional, remote, and very remote schools in:

Catholic Sector Government Sector
Western Australia
Northern Territory

All applications are on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in the program but are concerned about eligibility or outside current jurisdictions, please register your interest, and we will contact you. You can also reach us at info@futureleadersprogram.org.au.

*The Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) was created by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) specifically to enable fair comparisons of National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) test achievement by students in schools across Australia. A value on the index corresponds to the average level of educational advantage of the school’s student population relative to those of other schools. Learn more here.

When does the program begin?

The program runs for the academic year, beginning in mid-Februray and concluding in late November.

Participants engage in a mix of in-person and virtual learning throughout the year. All in-person learning takes place over school holidays to minimise time away from school. For more detail on participants’ learning journey, please register your interest or email info@futureleadersprogram.org.au.

When do applications open?

Applications for our 2024 cohort will open in Term 4, with limited spots available. We encourage you to register your interest now to receive updates on the application window and process for our 2024 cohort.

What does the program consist of?

The program is designed to be rigorous, not onerous. We aim for participants’ experience to align with their day-to-day responsibilities and to develop priorities that complement their current roles and remits.

The FLP consists of targeted workshops, peer learning opportunities, online learning modules, and 1-1 leadership coaching from a leadership expert. These structures aim to develop the mindsets and skills to support positive student experiences and equitable outcomes.

For more detail on our program design and supports, please register your interest or email info@futureleadersprogram.org.au.

What is the cost of the program?

The FLP is a fully funded program, with all travel and accommodation costs covered for Fellows.

For schools, a stipend is available to cover up to two days of time release needed to support participants learning.

Any changes to these current funding arrangements will be communicated in advance of applications opening.

For more detail, we encourage you to register your interest.

Why is this program offered exclusively to schools in regional and remote locations?

Schools in regional, rural and remote (RRR) communities face unique demands, such as limited access to support services and challenges in attracting and retaining staff. In these schools, the pipeline of ready school leaders is declining. We also know the strength and resilience of these communities, full of rich culture, knowledge, and ways of being.

The Future Leaders Program (FLP) tests a new approach to these challenges by fostering the ambitions and potential of current educators in RRR communities and developing their skills and aptitude for school leadership.

What is expected of participants during the program?

The FLP is recognised as professional development in all states and territories. As such, it is a requirement that participants are able to attend and participate in programmatic requirements, including:

  • Nine intensive learning days, delivered in three parts across the academic year
  • 1:1 leadership coaching sessions
  • Peer learning opportunities
  • Asynchronous learning modules

Participants are also required to complete and submit evidence of their learning and attend an end-of-program event, during which they will share their learning with relevant stakeholders and members of their school communities.

Participants are expected to commit approximately 150 hours to the program over the year. The 150 hours is comprised of 70 hours of learning across the nine workshop days and an average of two hours of engagement per week throughout the school year.

For more detail, please register your interest or email info@futureleadersprogram.org.au.

What is expected of Fellows’ principals during the program?

Principals are critical to the success of the FLP. If you have identified a potential applicant or have been approached by a member of staff who wishes to participate in the program, there are particular touchpoints where Principal engagement is critical.

To participate, applicants must receive an endorsement from their principal as part of the application process. During the program, participants will engage in workshops, applied learning initiatives, personal leadership goals, 360 feedback surveys, and leadership coaching.

The FLP team will update principals on program happenings and expectations and how they can support Fellows’ learning and involvement aligned with these activities.

At the end of the program, principals will also be invited to an end-of-program learning expo, where participants will share their takeaways and achievements.

With principal support, participants can further their development and impact in schools, aligned to key priorities and goals.

For more information on principal expectations, please register your interest.

Teach For Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands across Australia and we pay our respects to Elders past and present.