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29 January 2020

Teach For Australia welcomes over 130 new teachers for 2020 school year

More than 130 new teachers will enter classrooms for the very first time this school year thanks to Teach For Australia’s Leadership Development Program.

An innovative not for profit organisation helping to tackle educational inequity in Australia, Teach For Australia (TFA) develops an additional teaching and leadership force for schools where they are most needed. TFA recruits highly talented individuals, university graduates and career changers, to teach in low socioeconomic communities across four states and territories in Australia.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Melodie Potts Rosevear, is thrilled to be welcoming another cohort of Associates into the program across the country.

“It is great to see another wave of highly talented individuals choosing to enter our program to contribute to helping schools provide an excellent education for their students,” Ms Potts Rosevear said.

“For the past 11 years we have proven that it is possible to attract exceptional people to enter the teaching profession at schools serving low socioeconomic communities. We remain committed to recruiting, placing and supporting exceptional people to enter teaching, improving education outcomes across the country.”

This year, 57 teachers have been placed in Victoria and a record 19 teachers placed in the Northern Territory. 36 teachers are set to start in Western Australia next week along with a Tasmanian record of 20 teachers. This brings the overall number of teachers placed through the TFA program to 949 since 2010.

60 per cent of teachers will be placed in regional, rural or remote locations across Australia, continuing TFA’s mission to ensure that every child, regardless of background, attains an excellent education.

TFA, will for the first time, partner with schools in remote locations such as Maningrida College in Arnhem Land, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Thamarrurr Catholic College at Wadeye in the Northern Territory, and East Kimberley College in Western Australia.

“It is imperative that our regional and remote students do not get left behind in terms of educational opportunities. That’s why we continue to encourage applicants to the TFA program to choose regional and remote locations so that they can have the biggest and best impact on our young people,” Ms Potts Rosevear said.

“It is great to see a new influx of inspiring individuals – many with STEM skills – who have practised their passion, and now want to pass that knowledge on to the next generation of young people across the country.”