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Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Each year, we measure and evaluate the impact of our work across six key areas and report on them in Our Impact, as we strive towards our vision of an Australia where all children, regardless of background, attain an excellent education.

Teach For Australia publishes its third edition of Our Impact today. The report highlights the impact of Teach For Australia over nine years, and our key achievements in 2017.

Rigorously recruit Australia’s top talent into teaching

We recruit Australia’s future leaders into the classroom, and inspire, connect and empower them to a lifetime of action towards educational equity.

We have had more than 9,400 applications in the past nine years. While Associates in the program must all have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a specialisation other than teaching, 19% of Associates have entered the program with qualifications higher than a Bachelor’s Degree, including 10% holding a Master’s and 6% holding a Doctorate. In this year’s Cohort, almost 20 per cent of new Associates have professional experience in business, engineering or mining and eight Associates have PhDs.

Partner with schools serving low socioeconomic communities

We strive to build sustained partnerships with schools that need the most support.

We have partnered with 156 schools to date, 24 of which are new partner schools in 2018. Almost half of our partner schools are in regional, rural or remote communities.

Our Associates provide the skills attitudes and capabilities that schools need: 62% of principals report that Associates provide specific subject matter expertise they would otherwise be unable to obtain. 44% of Associates were eligible to teach STEM subjects, and of those, 51% were eligible to specifically teach Maths and Physics.

Develop highly effective teachers as leaders

We accelerate the leadership development of Associates as highly effective teachers.

After just nine years, Teach For Australia has produced three principals and seven assistant principals. Additionally, our first cohort of Teach To Lead graduated at the end of last year.

Improve student and school outcomes

Together with our partner schools, we seek to ensure that students achieve significant academic growth, experience increased access to opportunities and develop attitudes and aspirations that propel them forward.

In 2017, 96% of partner school principals expressed that their Associate is making a positive difference in their school. Over 90% of principals agree that their Associate has been successful in improving student skills and understanding, improving student subject matter knowledge and enhancing student wellbeing.

Build a pipeline of leaders within schools

We are building a pipeline of future leaders for schools serving low socioeconomic communities.

67% of our Alumni are currently teaching, with 35% of those currently in school leadership roles.

Through Teach To Lead, we are accelerating the development of existing leaders within schools serving low socioeconomic communities. 35% of Teach To Lead Fellows are working in regional, rural or remote communities. 96% of Fellows indicate that the program improved their leadership performance more than any other activity.

Drive change and innovation in the education system

We continue to empower, connect and inspire our Alumni towards a lifetime of action addressing educational disadvantage.

85% of our Alumni are currently working in the education sector. Of those not teaching, 7% are working at education-related non-profits, 6% in policy or government, and an additional 3% working at an educational social enterprise.

The full Our Impact: Nine Years of Teach For Australia report is available online.

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