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Future Leaders Program ‘delivering leaders who inspire change’

Monday, October 9th, 2023

Fungayi Wellington Pasi began teaching in remote settings almost 25 years ago and now, thanks to our Future Leaders Program, he is further honing his leadership skills to better serve students in regional and remote schools.

The Assistant Principal in Centralian Middle School, NT, Wellington has worked in Alice Springs for the last 15 years in various leadership positions.

“The land I work in belongs to the Arrernte people. The community of Alice Springs has its own fair share of challenges but its resilience is inspiring. There is a strong sense of culture and community which when embraced, makes Alice Springs the most beautiful place to work in,” he said.

Wellington was inspired to become a teacher based on his own experiences growing up, where education was a tool of empowerment.

“I come from a disadvantaged and low socio-economic background. I strongly believe that young people are the future of this country,” he said.

A passion for educational equity

Wellington is passionate about equitable access to education for all children across Australia.

“I want to see more of the Indigenous students improve their socio-economic and political status through education. I believe that if Australia is to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, the focus should be on improving literacy and numeracy which will unlock the doors to social, economic and political spheres,” he said.

Brimming with passion and a desire to do more, Wellington searched for a suitable program that would improve his leadership skills relevant in the regional and remote context he currently works in.

“I have worked as a teacher for many years, but I needed more skill in the art of leadership. Looking around, no other program offered a rich, holistic, flexible, collaborative, applied, evidence-backed leadership training than FLP,” he said.

To aspire is to achieve

Wellington is developing his leadership skills every week through the Future Leaders Program and applying these new skills in his teaching practice.

“I find the skills relevant to my context. I put into practice what I have learnt and marvel at the amazing results. I am now more self-aware of my areas of growth in my practice. For example, I am now more aware that I need to be clearer in my communication. My confidence and focus has also grown through-out this program,” he said.

“Even though I am already in a leadership position as an Assistant Principal, I feel I needed to learn more about different aspects of leadership. This program is just what I needed.”

Wellington also believes the program has an impact on the wider school community and the students, alongside the aspirant teachers completing the program.

“FLP Fellows delve into many different aspects of leadership, which in turn leaves Fellows with the burning desire to learn more about their contexts and the changes which are possible. Leaders drive change and change empowers communities. FLP is just about that, delivering leaders who are visionaries and inspire change.”

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