About the program

For two years, Associates work as teachers with full salary and benefits, while also studying a Master’s degree and receiving context-specific one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

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As an Associate in our award-winning Leadership Development Program, you’ll teach subject areas directly related to your previous studies – and you’ll become part of a dedicated community committed to tackling educational inequity.

Over two years, you will:

  • Teach at a school serving a low socioeconomic community, with full salary and benefits;
  • Earn a Master of Teaching (Secondary) (Professional Practice) through ACU on an assisted scholarship;
  • Receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring to accelerate personal, professional and academic growth.

As a leader in the classroom, you’ll share your passions with young people and act as a role model and mentor. You’ll develop the skills and experience to enable you to lead effectively, with the opportunity to make a tangible positive impact on students, schools and communities – every single day.

You will teach in subject areas directly related to previous studies (regardless of whether you have just graduated or are more than ten years out) and in accordance with the subject requirements of placement schools. All Associates teach secondary school level classes ranging from Year 7 to 12.

Program structure

Several components make up the program to ensure you are continually supported and developing throughout the two years.

National Initial Intensive

The program starts in November 2020 with a residential training program. It’s designed to prepare you with the foundations for entering the classroom: you’ll complete a portion of your Master’s and connect with peers from within your cohort and beyond.

Teaching & leadership development

Once you begin teaching in 2021, you’ll develop your teaching and leadership skills throughout the program through first-hand teaching experience, continuing your Master’s and one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

Earning your Master’s of Teaching

Delivered in partnership with ACU and embedded within the program, Associates complete a nationally accredited and internationally recognised Master of Teaching (Secondary) (Professional Practice) in 2022.

Explore the program structure more here.

Coaching and support

Teaching is not an easy profession – and the nature of the program is even more challenging. We provide Associates with a comprehensive network to support their professional development and successful completion of the program, and to maintain their health and wellbeing.

Your Teaching and Leadership Adviser (TLA) is an experienced teacher who will provide rigorous one-on-one coaching, regular classroom observations and pastoral care to guide your development as a teacher and leader throughout the program.

Your ACU Academic Mentor will support and supervise your progress throughout the degree and guide your achievement of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Your School Mentor will be an experienced teacher at your placement school who will provide day-to-day practical support and assists with integration into life at the school and within the local community.

The Teach For Australia community is a national network of leaders who share best practice, emotional support and collaboration towards achieving change. Each member of the cohort will have different passions, interests, skillsets and strengths, but you will share the Teach For Australia experience and commitment to tackling educational disadvantage.

Associates are able to access all ACU Student Services including course and assessment advice, administrative support and health and wellbeing services, regardless of placement location.

Associates can also connect with the global network of leaders around the world as part of the Teach For All network, with Alumni available to discuss international education and classroom best practice, school leadership, social innovation and policy.

Salary and assisted scholarship

Associates’ salaries are comparable to other graduate teachers, and increase as commensurate with experience and progression.

During the program, Associates are employed and paid by the relevant government department of education or school. Salaries and other employment conditions will vary depending on the state or territory of placement.

The majority of program costs are covered by Teach For Australia, in partnership with the Australian Government, on an assisted scholarship. Associates are required to contribute a portion towards the Master’s degree, with access to FEE-HELP for these payments (eligibility requirements apply).