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Why apply for the Leadership Development Program?

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Teach For Australia Friday, February 26th, 2021

Over two years, Associates in our award-winning Leadership Development Program teach in subject areas directly related to their previous studies.

As a leader in the classroom, they share their passions with young people and act as a role model and mentor.

They become part of a growing community of leaders committed to equity for children.

We asked five Teach For Australia Associates a critical question: Why did you apply for Teach For Australia’s Leadership Development Program, and what drew you to our mission?

“What drew me to TFA was its mission for equity and equality in education. I come from a partner school of the TFA program in high school and a low socioeconomic background. Knowing the struggles firsthand and knowing there is a program and an organisation designed to combat those struggles is brilliant. That’s what really drew me in.” – Rayanne 

“It was about making as much impact as I could, as quickly as possible.” – Eliza

“Initially, it was because I was looking for a way to get into teaching that didn’t require another Master’s, as I have just finished one. Once I started to look more into Teach For Australia, I really connected to the mission of going into schools serving low socioeconomic communities. I was a poor kid when I was growing up, and grew up in a regional area and I was really lucky in the opportunities and the adults I had around me – but not everybody is. So, I was drawn to the idea that I could be one of those adults who encourages kids from low socioeconomic backgrounds – and especially regional areas – that they don’t have to be limited by where they grew up or how much money their parents have.” – Ceilidh 

“In my previous career in engineering, I really enjoyed it but I didn’t feel as passionate about it for the last few years. As you go higher in engineering, it’s more towards the finance and administrative side of things, and I didn’t enjoy that as much as the actual engineering. One of the pull factors for Teach For Australia is that my parents are teachers. I’ve seen them going through their careers and the satisfaction that they’ve felt. They just really enjoyed being teachers.” – Joel

“It felt like TFA was a perfect fit for me. I love working with kids, I absolutely love my learning area which is English and Literature and the idea of helping people write their own stories. Being able to make a real impact from day one in a classroom and in a community that I’m really connected to is a dream come true.” – Amna 

Applications for Cohort 2022 of our Leadership Development Program are open now.

Apply here, register your interest or attend an event

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